Monday, June 24, 2013

Give your best and Expect the worse

My Sunday mass priest which I went to at St Cathedral on Sunday preached about "Giving your best and Expecting the worse" That way, you won't feel disappointed in life. The fact that there are people who approach life this way shows that there is some evidence to it.

In life, we may see some people who give the least but expect the best. These are the types of people who often would be disappointed the most. Next, there are people who give their best while expecting the best result as well. This is not wrong in the first place but if things do not work out well in the end, there will be even greater disappointments in the end due to the time and effort they have put in.
By expecting the worst result, you essentially kills off any hope of disappointment. So any slight positive outcome from it will be treated as a good result.
For investor, I would assume it is hard to expect the worst result in the stock market. Mr. Market can take a swing from the very bad to the very good in a number of days. But I certainly hope that investors out there can take prudence in the recent market conditions and hope for the worst result you can endure.


  1. Well I have to agree with your brilliant mind regarding investing, expecting the worst is the best part of it. And whether it is the real stock market trading or binary options trading, it is still investment and you need to know pros and cons first before you over indulge yourself. Right now am dealing with binaries and I frequently check anyoption review so I can have reliable source of information to deal with when I am trading.

  2. B,

    I am lucky in the sense I am not a perfectionist.

    But that would also mean I won't appear in any "excellence" lists...

    Such is the trade-offs in life ;)

    1. Hi SMOL

      I used to be a perfectionist when I was a kid but it fades off as I get older. Perhaps it is the way that I was trained by my parents when I was a kid ;)

  3. For dividend hunters or farmers, when the Trees don't fall, they should be quite safe, Trees are known to live longer than we human. :-)

    1. Hi Uncle CW

      Do not letting trees to fall is indeed the most conservative steps. But we could also grow our trees at a faster rate and pass down to our generation even more isnt' it?