Monday, May 20, 2013

Blessing or Curse of Financial Freedom knowledge

Ever since I embarked on my journey towards Financial Freedom 3 years ago, I have been keeping a frugal lifestyle in mind so that I will not be trapped into a financial sorry situation. Even though I was financially literate by the time I finished my studies, I was realistically financially illiterate. I went from a hero graduate student to a zero net worth junkies. And then one day I had a dream. A dream that I could be successful. A dream where my time is my own. A dream where I can wake up when my body is ready, go to sleep when I am tired and never again live by schedules other than my own. I am a changed person now.
Now, we often hear people around us complaining about their financial situation. A few, we may argue, are worth a sympathy but most are plain ridiculous. We hear people complaining about how they messed up financially and how undeserving they are. We see registered and unregistered people complaining in yahoo news everyday on how incompetent is the goverment. The way they are acting is as if the goverment owes them a living. To put simply, these people are plain losers who talk more than they act. In my opinion, I don't see how they can have time to complain every single day but yet denies having any time to earn extra income and plan their lives. It seems like all they need was our consensus sympathies.
What surprised me the most is that as I become more financially literate myself, my sense of frustration would grow upon hearing all these complaining stories. I try to empathize with their situations from time to time but at a certain point, you just know that it's hopeless. When someone is ready to change, they will. All I can do is to advise, guide and lead by example. The rest will still be up to them to take the lead to change their lives.

What about you? Do you consider your knowledge a blessing or a curse? Does it frustrates you to hear people complaining about their financial situations all the time?


  1. I think having knowledge to create a financially secured future is a real blessing. At least I know that I will have some resources to fall back on when I am unable to work due to old age...

    There will come a time in a person's life when they realise that something is important to them eg time to quit smoking, time to exercise and embark on a healthy lifestyle after a cancer scare etc

    When someone complains about their financial destiny, I tell them to start planning before its all too late...

    1. Hi Lille

      Thanks for visiting my site.

      I am very curious regarding the trigger point whenever people start realising that smoking is bad or something needs to change. I wonder if it is through bad experience that people start realising they need to start taking action.

  2. Hi B,

    Well, that is what we financial bloggers are trying to do, to spread the word that financial freedom is not an unattainable dream. :)

    People will always complain. We complain about this and that. So do I. ;p

    However, it is one thing to complain and do nothing to change things and another thing to complain and take affirmative action!

    You know I try to inspire people through my blogs so that they will take action towards having positive outcomes in life but we have to be realistic as to what our blogs can achieve too. ;)

    1. Hi AK

      I remember you wrote once in your blog that you tried to educate and inspire people through your blog and hopefully the community can take something out of it.

      I wonder what about your family members or close friends or colleagues? Do you share your blog with them as well?

  3. Hi B,

    If knowledge is a curse, then ignorance is a greater evil. In this age of consumerism, it is nearly impossible to attain financial freedom. People are constantly trying to buy newer, better and fancier items - myself included.

    Like AK mention, there is no running away from complaints. I treat every story I hear as a learning opportunity and how I can avoid it.


    1. Hi Derek

      Very well said.

      And thanks for confirming. I think ignorance is a greater evil and we know that it will always be a majority while knowledge is a minority.