Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stocks suddenly turns attractive for the first time in 2013

As we enter March 2013, stocks turn southwards and suddenly we are looking at an attractive entry level for the first time in 2013 that I can remember of. Quickly watching at my watchlist, these are the few stocks that have caught my attention:

Attractive (***)
1.) Yangzijiang 0.935
2.) STXOSV 1.260
3.) Noble 1.14
4.) GoldenAgri 0.605

Close to attractive (**)
1.) Wilmar 3.43
2.) NOL 1.16
3.) Neratel 0.615
4.) CWT 1.36
5.) Cordlife 0.625
6.) Capitalmall 2.08
7.) Capitaland 3.69

These are just a few of the lists of stocks on my watchlist which I have been monitoring for sometime and price indicator looks good to enter. These are just my intuition and by no means it will perform well over the next few months.


  1. Probably won't touch STX OSV with its ongoing Italian fiasco.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      I just bought STX today at 1.255.

      It's precisely the Italian fiasco that makes the support the bottom at 1.22 in my opinion.

    2. How many lots?

    3. Hi Anonymous

      Nothing significant :)

      I only bought 2 small lots to ride the fun.

  2. Valuations seem fair to high in general. Ensure you have margin of safety in all you invest in!


    1. Hi Mzwhiz

      Agree that valuations are fair in general but commodities looks fairly bottom in my opinion. As my commodities holding is only less than 2% of my total portfolio, I am thinking to add further on this for long term growth play.