Friday, March 8, 2013

Apr/May/Jun/Jul - an inflection point for B's FFF

As we are heading towards the end of 1st quarter for 2013, we ask ourselves what have we done or what have we not done this year. If you have not started on working towards your goals which you have set for yourself, you would want to start right away as the clock is ticking. I know time seems to fly so quickly and as we stand before it is already almost a quarter of the year gone now.

For myself, the 2nd quarter of the year will prove to be a vital inflection point towards achieving my goals, both in terms of personal and towards my path to financial freedom. The month of April to July in particular will set the path for the next couple of years to determine where I go from here. I certainly hope it brings out the best for me.


April - The month of April will give a huge injection to my FFF's portfolio cash investment fund as the company finally dishes out its bonus for FY2012. Time always seem to pass so quickly in the normal routine but when it comes to the yearly bonus payout, it seems too long to forever. Though the amount of the bonus in generic terms is not significant, it will give a good boost to the percentage holdings of my cash investment funds.


May - I simply love this time of the year (other than Dec of course where there is festive Christmas holiday to look forward to). The month of May seems like a model example of a retiree's fund, where dividends start to flow in one after another giving a boost to one's cashflow. I know some of my fellow dividend investors out there will similarly be excitedly awaiting for this very month. Based on the past dividend projections, I will hope to get S$2,494 for the month of May. This will be enough to cover my expenses for at least 3 months.

FCT - S$325
First Reit - S$212
SPH - S$280
ST Eng - S$138
Neratel - S$840
SembCorp - S$300
QAF - S$120
Noble - S$42
Plife Reit - S$77
YZJ - S$100 (This is one of my portfolio's new entry for Mar)
CWT - S$60 (This is one of my portfolio's new entry for Mar)

*Singtel, Boustead, Ascott and AHT will contribute to the next big dividends inflow in the month of Aug.


Jun - It's ironic that I am pursuing towards a financial freedom lifestyle yet deprive of my freedom lifestyle the other way. No just kidding. The month of Jun will be the biggest highlight change of my personal life to date as I welcome my other half into the family. It is when two becomes one and we will integrate both our individual lifestyle into one single fit. This change would see almost my expenses double immediately as my wife-to-be will not be working. My active income will not rise as fast and hence it is natural that I will see my net savings go down drastically. Ironically, I welcome and look forward to this change very much.


Jul - This July month will see me going back to a traditional classroom environment as I took on the master degree of MBA (Master of Business Administration). As I will be taking this part-time, it will take me a year and half to complete the degree. Timing would be tight as I would almost certainly struggle to juggle between work, new family and the MBA degree. The MBA degree, for many would be the final interaction in a traditional classroom set of environment and I would work as hard to make this as successful as I would in my journey towards the financial freedom.

How is the next quarter treating you?


  1. Hi B,

    Could you share which MBA you are going to take if you don't mind? As i am also looking around for the MBA course. thanks :)


    1. Hi Phoebe

      I have enrolled in the Singapore of Management University (SMU) MBA part-time programme which will commence in July 2013. The programme has a good learning style and fantastic faculty.

      Hope it helps :)