Monday, December 24, 2012

Xmas Edition: Why is Santa Claus fat ???

Ho ho ho... It's Christmas time!!! "Santa Claus is here... and I'm gonna eat all your cookies..."

Since it is a Christmas week, let's take a step away from the stock market and put our focus on a Christmas event. Have you ever wondered why Santa Claus is fat and not muscular, sexy and hot!!!??? I began to wonder as well as I am writing this. Could it perhaps be that Santa has eaten all my sweets and cookies? Theoratically possible, but in reality perhaps not (is there even a real Santa in this world??)

I think the reason why Hollywood makes Santa Claus transcended in our mind as a fat old man with a long fury beard is because he is meant to be loveable and kids usually prefer to sit on a cushy fat guy over a tough muscular man. We are used to carry this tradition since we are young and it will take a very determined attempt to change that. Having said that, Santa Claus is more of a public figure than a role model. After all, which children asprire to become a Santa Claus when he grows up?

Here are the top 5 answers on why children thinks Santa is fat :

1.) "Santa is old and old man is usually fat and lazy..."

2.) Children usually leaves out sweets and candies to Santa and poor Santa has to usually eat them to be nice... Imagine how many calories of fats is that.

3.) "Santa is meant to be cute and lovable and only fat Santa is cute and lovable..."

4.) "Santa usually appears only when children is sleeping at night, which means that Santa is sleeping during the day when the children is at school!!!..."

5.) The flying reindeer will only obey fat people...

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  1. I think the reason Hollywood conveys Santa Claus to our minds as a fat old man with a long weeping beard is that it means he is a lover and children are usually a tough muscular man. Prefer to sit on the cute fat boy upstairs. When Santa started rationing himself every January, not only did his body eat only heat calories, not only was he eating even the smallest calories for a normal human being; he literally ate himself. Was saving and needed his physical needs.