Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why do people have Monday blues?

Why is Monday defined as blue? It's probably not quite astonishing to know that most people take medical leave on Monday more than any other days during the week. The reasons for that are pretty simple. Our life tends to sync in between weekends to weekends and we simply dread everything in between, contemplated either with busy schedule of school or work. Just when everything in the world looks so beautiful to you on Friday, Monday is a perfect opposite - awful weather, jerky boss, moody in laws and complete depression. Here are some tips on how you can overcome a ''beautiful'' Monday.
1.) Have something to look forward to on a purposeful Monday

It can be anything that makes you look forward to a purposeful life on Monday. It can be your buddy beer meeting session on a bar on Monday night, a TV drama series that you crave to watch on TV or it can be a spa session that you have scheduled the day before. For me, I look forward on Monday to the opening of the stock market. Regardless of what it is, the level of motivation and enthusiasm needs to surpass the level of depression you will have on Monday.
2.) Plans your weekends accordingly, especially on Sunday
Many people come to school and work on Monday looking seemingly tired and sleepy. That is because they have been either partying really hard or watching a late night EPL kickoff on Sunday, or both. I am guilty of both situation in this case. What you need to do is to plan your time and schedule accordingly. James 4:13-17 once said that humans always sense and feel that they are in control of their time and activities. But in reality, they are not...
3.) Prepare and plan your Monday well 
The way that you start your day nearly always sets the tone for the rest of other days. Too many people were caught starting the day in a fractous and ill-prepared and this will lead them to become miserable and ill-tempered for the rest of the day. To avoid this, you may want to schedule your work accordingly the week before and avoid any last minute deadline. I am pretty sure no one likes to be rushed for deadline submission on Monday morning.
4.) Eat your breakfast and exercise
This may sound simple but too many people are skipping their breakfast meal before they go to work. As scientifically proven, breakfast remains the most important meals during the day and it sets the tone for your adrenaline for the rest of the day. A simple breakfast like an oatmeal or toast bread will provide a considerable amount of power and sugar into your body which will keep you in good state for the rest of the day. If you are keen to wake up earlier, do a little exercise such as jogging and stretching. It will keep you refreshed throughout the day.
5.) Preserve your energy
Above all most importantly, make a gentle start on Monday to preserve energy for the rest of the day during the week. Set yourself a realistic target and don't rush to finish everything on the very same day. Treat the upcoming days like a marathon run. Start slowly but consistently. This way, you will be able to preserve your energy and replenish it again during the weekends.
So is your Monday better now?....

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