Friday, December 7, 2012

lnitiated position in Ascott Reit

Anyone went for an early Christmas shopping yet?

Today, I initiated a position on Ascott Reit, one of the few reits which I have much interest in  and I must say I am delighted to get them. I have been monitoring the shares back when there was a european crisis in 2011. Back then, the price plunge to 1.00+ which I remember as it was thought that their business in europe will be affected. However, its results proved otherwise and I am very impressed by it.

At current price, though doesnt seem as attractive as it was back then, still presents good value in my opinion which is the reason for my purchase. Some of the other catalyst include its strong sponsor, guaranteed min master leases, good dividend yield of close to 7% and its recent purchase of the Hamburg and doha service apt.

For more on Ascott Reit, I would encourage you to hear what the CEO of Ascott has got to say regarding its business nature - why it is less volatile than other hospitality stocks such as CDL trust and how the company can move forward. This video has been posted by our fellow blogger at :

Ascott CEO speaks on Ascott Reit


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