Saturday, December 15, 2012

Invest/Not Invest/Invest/Not Invest/Invest

The word "investing" seems to be a popular phenomenon among the younger generations these days. And since most are unable to afford investing in houses at their early stage, stocks easily has became the next available option.
Ever since I've started investing in stocks myself back in the mid of 2011, which obviously not too long from where we are today, I've encountered a great deal of friends who had asked me on how to begin "investing". Some of them put in a great deal of effort in really wanting to learn about stocks...And so they research research and research. Great!!!
And then there's the other party who similarly has opened an account but somehow fail short of putting in any effort at all in learning them. One of the most common conversations I have heard from them is:

(Back in 2011 - during the European crisis)

B: So have you guys started purchasing any stocks since you've opened the trading account?

Friend Y: Hmm, not really. Aren't the European crisis pushing the economy into recession now? I guess I'll wait out.

Friend Z: Oh really? I guess I'll wait for the crisis to subside too.

B: Ok.

(In mid 2012 - when stocks have rallied)

B: So have you guys purchased any stocks yet since you opened the trading account last year?

Friend Y: Isn't it bullish period now and stocks have rallied to a 52 weeks high?

Friend Z: Yes. We missed the rally. I guess I'll wait out for the price of my stocks to fall first.

B: Ok.

(In Dec 2012 - latest update)

B: So have you guys made any purchase for any stocks recently?

Friend Y: Isn't stock price expensive now? They have rallied and rallied in the midst of poor economic growth.

Friend Z: And we have fiscal cliff looming as well. I guess we'll wait for the situation to be resolved.

B: Ok.

My point is these people give excuses after excuses which they thought to be valid. Sure, these reasons are reasonable enough and with news so transparent out there, it doesn't take a genius to know what is happening in the economy these days. But given the level of effort these people put in, one might wonder WHEN will they ever start - not to mention purchasing, I bet these people have not even start researching on them yet...


  1. I knew two savvy and seasoned investors during STI low at Mar 2009 were congratulating themselves for staying in cash: one at 90% and the other at 100%!

    It is never easy to invest even at market crash.

  2. I feel it is good to be patient, even if it does sound like procrastination. Research is always good to uncover great companies, we simply have to wait for the right valuation to purchase with a margin of safety.

    Currently, valuations are fair to being slightly high, so I really won't be over-eager to purchase shares as you may not have sufficient margin of safety.

  3. hahaha. sounds so much like me.

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