Monday, November 5, 2012

Dividend Screening

Dividend Screening
  • Forecast dividend yield > 4%
  • Payout dividends for at least 3 consecutive years
  • Latest fiscal year's dividends > previous year's dividends
  • Average daily traded value > S$100k
Source: KimEng

Dividend Screen


  1. This looks like a mechanical screening process employed by KE which does not account for future business prospects.

    Essentially, KE is looking at the rear view mirror.

    Best to still dig into each individual company to assess sustainability of the dividend, payout ratio consistentcy and FCF generation (for future dividend increases).

    1. Hi Musicwhiz

      Great to see you back.

      You are right. KE only provided the info based on past history distributions... and whether a particular company can sustain or increase its dividends that will be up to investors to research more :)