Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fast forwarding decision on your life

Many people would relish the opportunity to rewind back on their lives if they had the chance to do so. But what about fast forwarding on your life? What if you have the power to fast forward on events in your life which you may deem as boring or just purely horrible. What if you have the power to fast forward Monday to Friday (TGIF!!!) or skip some of the "boring" moments in your life such as work or projects assigned to you which you didn't like. Would you have make a decision to do so?
I happened to rewatch a movie called "Click" starring Adam Sandler this past weekend on my computer and I would encourage you to watch it if you have not watched it yet. The movie has a very emotional and touching story to the plot and I actually feel that it is one of the few movies these days which allows real life reflection on the audience. Ok. Anyway, basically to summarize, the main character gets hold to a special remote control one fine day which allows him to fast forward on events in his life. Needless to say, he fast forwarded on events which he didn't like and before he knows it, he has come to near the end of his life without realizing it. I wouldn't want to spoil the rest of the story in the movie so watch to find out the ending :).
Just like the main character in the movie, we are abided by rules and commitments in our everyday lives. We work 5 days a week and miraculously hope that Monday could somehow turns to Friday when we wake up. Whenever we are faced with our peak season at work or clients which we dislike, we would wish that we had that special remote control to fast forward on that particular event. In fact, in all certain situations, we've all had an urge to fast forward past a moment in our lives.
Now unless you have that special remote control from the movie (unfortunately I don't), you would have realised by now that you cannot actually fast forward time. This is actually a good thing since if we do have control to fast forward on our lives, we would probably have used it a million times and our lives could be over by now before we even knows it. So it leaves us with two choices: trying to unsuccessfully make life move faster, or enjoy and love the events no matter how much you hate it.
In essence, the desire to try to fast forward our lives creates this feeling of uneasiness. If one takes an honest and careful look at those moments with a sense of uneasiness, then what you would get is a feeling of uneasiness. In contrast, if one can act efficiently but with a sense of easiness in those moments, then you would come to realize that in fact everything is just simply ... beautiful.
"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Try to fast forward and you miss it!
                                                                     John Lennon


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