Saturday, September 1, 2012

Everyone has a choice

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine to get her to think about that everyone do have a choice if he/she wants to.
Whether easy or difficult, everyone has a choice to make decisions and the decision that you make today will result in different consequences in time to come. Confused? Picture yourself in the consequence of your decision and you will get it.
It is easy to make excuses most of the times as the complexity of the environmental dynamics and unpredictability that characterized the behavioral patterns of human beings continuously constrained achieving the best feasible solutions to most decision problems at hand. It is also easy to be lazy in the eye of the beholder as the term sacrifices are nothing but a noun of the future. Finally, it is common for people to be scared as fear is universal. Being scared generally means that there are opportunities for growth that you are ready to expand beyond your comfort zone. Look at fear as your challenge and not run from them, for it will haunt you back again if you meet again someday.
We acknowledge that everyone of us has different problems and these problems are non-commensurable. But if we just start thinking, just pause for a moment and start, then you will see that everyone of us do in fact has a choice.
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