Friday, August 24, 2012

Dividend investing is boring, boring...

"A good defense doesn't lose you games." This was one of the quotes from the famous soccer coach dubbed as the "Special One" Jose Mourinho during his times in Chelsea.

What does Jose Mourinho and dividend investors have in common? They both play boring tactics but one that could be very fruitful in times to come. Don't believe? Just take a look at what Mourinho achieve at Chelsea. Or what about the tiki-taka style of Barcelona?

Dividend investing is outrightly boring and often the road to achieving success from it can be very lonely at times. Time and time again you will see and hear the many stories people achiveing the big money from highly volatile stocks company. Well, what they said ain't wrong exactly. When market is in a bull mode (which of course is not the case in recent years), dividend investors usually tend to underperform the public and by a huge mile usually. From the wall street to the analysts in the news operator CNBC and Bloomberg, everyone will be advocating investing in the highly cylical growth stocks. So what is left for the dividend investors? For those of you who are a dividend investor, what's your motivation and goals you are trying to achieve at the end of the day?

To me, my main motivation is CASH FLOW. In fact, I'm a big fan of cash flow. Cash flow is the one and solely ticket in my life which would allow me to play the game of my life at my own terms. I set the rules and I control my game, as simple as that. I like to have a constant cashflow which I can decide if I want to reinvest it into the same company or compound it to invest in other better companies. I must admit that this will not allow me to become rich overnight, but it will make me rich one day and when that time comes, it must be such a mesmerizing effect to it.


  1. I think we will need both Defend and Attack strategy for investing i.e. Growth Dividend Investing.

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