Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Confession of my investing journey junkey

I had graduated from my Bachelor degree for more than 4 years now in 2008. Back then, I was filled with much hunger and desire to succeed in the corporate world. I was spending time at work on weekdays and money on weekends, not surprisingly to buy things that I don't really need. I was earning around $2,500 per month back then I remember and I actually felt it was quite difficult to finish spending all those money on food, clothes, gadgets and everything else. Nevertheless, I still did finish spending all my money without a blink in the eye, thinking that more money are going to come my way given that I had just started working.

I began to delve more into sports betting at and started playing tennis and soccer trading and scalping. Just like trading in the stock market, playing scalping in sports betting do require a lot of energies and most importantly patience, with a strategy stop loss in place. As with all humans, I ended up winning and losing, winning and losing and finally ended up at a net loss (I think so?? wanna bet?) from it.

One day, right around my 25th birthday, I started to ponder on my financial future. I had a good job and a good income but technically my net worth is still zero. I was essentially waiting for the next salary to come, only to find myself waiting again for the same in the second week (how many of my friends have this same problem as me I wonder). Is that a bad thing? Realistically I was only 25 years old so maybe I'm doing well or maybe I'm not. I wasn't really sure myself.

Then I began to delve into the financial world, in particular a blog which I came across the which compiles all the investment expert blogs. I began reading them one by one and over several days and weeks and was inspired by most of the post and their humble beginnings. In particular, I remembered reading AK71, MusicWhiz, FF, Createwealth888 and Dividend Warrior blogs as most inspiring for beginners to begin with.

Since then, I have purchased shares in Fraser CenterPoint (FCT), First Reit, Parkway Life Reits, Singtel, ST Enginnering, Neratel and many more on market dips in order to build up my arsenal of solid dividend payers. I also began tracking each individual dividend payment I received and tallied them over time to reinvest again. I kept my watchlist of dividend stocks very near to my sight and began to track them every single day so that if there's an opportunity to enter, I will do so.

Now that my goals are in place and I'm on a designated path to my financial freedom goals, I live my life everyday with these goals in mind. While the amount on my portfolio is near to nothing as compared to most investors, I am now significantly more calm with regard to my financial situation than when my net worth was a lackluster zero.

I hope that for beginners or anyone reading this, this post can inspire you in the best personal manner just like how the others' posts inspire me back then.


  1. Kudos to your spirit of dividend investing.
    I am a few years older than you but only had about half your stock portfolio value when I was your age!

    The journey of value and dividend investing can be quite lonely as most people do not really act to build up a Dividend portfolio since young.
    I feel uplifted and am reminded of the ultimate goal of achieving a sizeable income portfolio when I see young people like you who also have a similar goal.

    Keep it up!

    1. Hi SI@SG

      Your 65 Lots of FCT alone is enough to trounce my portfolio hehe :)

      Let's keep it up and huat together.

    2. Lets keep it up man! :-)

  2. Hi B,

    Thanks for mentioning my site and I'm glad it helped you get started in planning for your financial freedom. Your article has spurred me to pen down my own financial journey too.

    Let's work towards our Financial Freedom.


    1. Hi Derek

      I believe your site has helped a lot of people (including myself) and if it could be known to more people, I'm sure it will help even more people and benefit the society :)

      Can't wait to hear about your financial journey. Hope to see yours real soon!


  3. thanks for this post. uplifting for starters like me.

    1. Hi Dividendscity

      You're welcome :)

      Hope to see you persevere and huat together

  4. Hi B,

    Read through some of your older posts today and I realised we really have loads in common.

    I am also grateful to and it provided me with a wealth of knowledge and was a catalyst that kickstarted my investing journey almost 3 years ago. I love content.

    On another note, it's well-known that accountants work very hard and earn comparatively less when starting out. Not sure if it's a blessing in disguise, but I got rejected by NTU accountancy many years ago.

    And I am a big soccer fan, although the passion has died down a little in recent years. No prizes for guessing which team I support too.

    15 HWW

    1. Hi Hww

      care to share what nature of your job are you working right now? You are earning much much above average for a 27 year old guy.

      Are you a liverpool fan too? Hehehe the team has really let down for the past couple of years which is why fans are getting impatient with them. But hopefully we'll show up and fight man u to the 4th spot this season (not the title of course :))

  5. Hi B,

    I am working in the public sector. I actually included 4 months of bonuses in the calculation, so maybe isn't as high as you think?

    It's not just about the team. Think the money in soccer is getting crazy these days. A decade ago, the best footballers were probably getting 50K pounds a week. Now, they are all asking for at least 3 to 4 times more. I don't know if people are making this link to the high subscription charges, but I am definitely not paying to watch this season.

  6. How you save or win a few hundred k's over such a short span of working life (9 years)?
    Of course if your salary is a few hundred k's per year then congrats to you.

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