Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Happy Birthday Edition Post

This is my first birthday edition post since the inception of this blog.

Birthday, at times means absolutely nothing to most people. But to me, it means everything. It is a time where I can have a nice gathering together with my family and loved ones. It is also probably one of the only time where I can actually pause and reflect on myself. And most importantly, it is where I make my countdown to my RETIREMENT plan (officially 8 more years to retirement). Ok. This is way too early, but still a goal is a goal and I planned to reach it objectively.

I have devised myself a 10 year plan and now I am down to the last 8. It is going to be even more difficult now as my obligations become increasingly more and more.

Annual Capital Injection $60,000.00
Starting Capital $100,000.00  - Achieved
Average Long Term Dividend Yield 6.00%
Starting Date 1/9/2012
Year Year Starting Capital Cumulative Annual Capital Injection  Dividends on Starting Capital Total Yearly Dividend Payout Monthly Passive Income
0 1/9/2012 $100,000.00 $60,000.00 $6,000.00 $6,000.00 $500.00
1 1/9/2013 $166,000.00 $60,000.00 $9,960.00 $13,920.00 $1,160.00
2 1/9/2014 $245,920.00 $60,000.00 $14,755.20 $19,190.40 $1,599.20
3 1/9/2015 $345,030.40 $60,000.00 $20,701.82 $25,453.25 $2,121.10
4 1/9/2016 $469,594.05 $60,000.00 $28,175.64 $33,302.84 $2,775.24
5 1/9/2017 $627,460.53 $60,000.00 $37,647.63 $43,245.80 $3,603.82
6 1/9/2018 $828,572.82 $60,000.00 $49,714.37 $55,909.12 $4,659.09
7 1/9/2019 $1,085,594.23 $60,000.00 $65,135.65 $72,090.20 $6,007.52
8 1/9/2020 $1,414,705.83 $60,000.00 $84,882.35 $92,807.76 $7,733.98
 *Above excel spreadsheet was extracted from

Alright, probably enough about that now. Since the difficult part is done, maybe it's about time to add a little fun stuff to this birthday post edition.

I admit. I went for a shopping spree. Buying clothes, shoes and eating some luxurious meals are not something which I often indulge. But anyone would agree that this was an exception (Hmm, I hope so). Come tomorrow, it'll probably be back to the normal routine, saving up and continuing the journey towards my goal for financial freedom.

Here's some of the things which I bought:

Lacoste leather shoes @ S$205
TH's Long sleeve shirt @ S$150

Wild Honey @ S$65

 Caffe B dinner @ $280
A Wedding ring band @ S$2,500
A Pre-wedding package @ S$2,100
So that is it. I dream today and wake up tomorrow and when I do so, I live to look forward for the next 365 days to my 28th birthday. Until then, I wish everyone healthy and prosperous.
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today"


  1. hmm.. is it me or there is something wrong with the total yearly dividend payout values? compared yours with drizzt's original.

    1. Hi Heialifi

      The total yearly dividend payout values is dependent on the starting capital for the year as well as the annual addition for the year.

      It is different for people with different capital hence yearly dividend payout is different as well.


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