Sunday, July 15, 2012

Save your money for August!!!

A lot of the STI companies are going ex-dividend in the month of August, most notably Singtel, Comfort, ST Engineering, Boustead, SATS, REITS and many more - which means that it is probably a buying opportunity for dividend investor, whom has been waiting in the sidelines for a long time now due to many people searching for yield in the past few months resulting in the high price of the dividend stocks.

With many countries and companies recently reporting their Q2 GDP/Result, it seems evident that we are currently in a low growth environment and potentially facing a technical recession in Q3. Will we see another Sept/Oct low similar to last year?? If you are still waiting to enter the market, when is potentially good time to do so?


  1. i think because of Hungry Ghost month. Aug is recharge time and time to fight by Sept/oct.

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