Saturday, July 28, 2012

Goals vs Dreams - Setting Goals and Reaching Dreams

Everyone of us have our own goals and dreams. While the two may seems like complimenting each other, many people have mistaken goals for dreams and dreams for goals.

Goals are dreams with deadlines. A "goal" is something that you, yourself, have the power to make it happen... and it has to be realistically realistic and achievable. A "dream", on the other hand, should be something much bigger than your goal, albeit something similar to your ultimate goal. What your goals do consist is the little tiki-taki step to support your dreams. For instance, if your dream is to retire and live a financially freedom lifestyle by the age of 35, then you should set your goal to start saving and investing to the point that you feel it is sufficient to reach your dream.

And how is it important to have both goals and dreams in your life...To me, having goals and dreams in my life keep me in command and moving in times of difficult situations. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I completed each simple goal that I set for myself. Many times in my life I may get occasionally swayed and tempted into walking a different path in my life - these goals which I have set for myself do set me back on the right track. Until then, we should not rest with each and every day aiming to reach our goals and dreams with conviction.

"If you don't know where you are going. How can you expect to get there?" - Basil S. Walsh


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