Friday, June 8, 2012

Oil Price Down = Buying Opportunity for Transportation?

Commodity Oil has been pushed lower in May due to weak market sentiment of the economy, sending the price from 100+ level to around 90. With oil beginning to show some kind of weakness, we might see a buying opportunity in transportation related stocks such as SIA, Tiger and Comfort.

SIA closed at 10.10 today, and is making a 52 week lows. The airline has been facing with challenging business environment, in particular cargo passenger count against the lower budget airlines. However, it seems to me that the stock might have seen its low and it doesnt drop much lower anymore even when the market seems to weaken. However, the weak dividend payout deters me to enter this counter, though I believe it could easily goes up to 12 dollars when market improves its condition.

I would have preferred ComfortDelgro, which has been hovering at around 1.44 - 1.50 for the last couple of months. I have added 3 lots of CD recently in view of the lower oil prices and dividend payout in August. The stock is also resilient from the market turbulence and I would look to add should there be further drops in the stock.

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  1. Actually I would prefer to buy transportation when oil is on the high. When oil starts to go down, the transportation industry can reap the benefit of the low price and capture more gains and profits.

    Just my thoughts.