Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcoming "Singtel" into my portfolio

Finally, I added a telco (Singtel S$3.05) into my portfolio.

I have been waiting for Singtel to drop for quite some time now and for the past few weeks it has indeed drop lower and lower. After a while, I decided to add this as part of my long-term portfolio. I queued for this in the morning and only got it at around 4.40 pm so huge support at 3.05.

My basis for buying this counter is because of its dividends which yields at approximately 5% and will go ex-dividend in August (S$0.09) and December, which is not a very long time given that now is already June.

Having said that, as I am typing this, Dow is down another 140 points (not really shocking given the circumstances these days) so I will be more than happy to add more to my position if the price is attractive enough.


  1. this is pretty similar to vodafone. i am wondering which is better. vodafone pays out much less than FCF yield and earnings yields. net debt to ebitda is like 1.7 times.

    but vodafone has a targeted 7% dividend growth rate and possibly verizon wireless dividend boost.i would think vodafone is the better deal.

  2. Singtel is a good stock.

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