Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quitting your job in a dignified manner

In a few weeks time, I will be leaving my current company and moving on to a new role in a new set of environment. It has been a decision made not hastily or easily as such decision will probably change the face of my career for life. Sometime when it seems that when grass is greener on the other side, it may be difficult to maintain the same cordial and warm relationship with your current employer, specially during last few days when you are finishing up unfinished tasks or preparing your replacement to fit in your position. The focus here is on the manner you will leave your employer.

When you are counting your days at your current employer, spare a thought for the people you are leaving behind, the company you are quitting from, which provided your pay check for last few months or years. Imagine the day when you joined them and started embarking on a journey together. The enthusiasm and zeal you showed during first few days those were for real, those were to excel in your new job. For whatever reasons you are quitting make it memorable for the people you are leaving behind.

To me, parting is always painful; Whenever I had my bad days in the office, I would have people around me who would be willing to chip in to help. Those moments of joy, however few it might have, when we celebrated on my team success always stays on my heart. It is sometimes painful to say good-bye and move on.

Before I made my decision to resign, I make sure that these quitting rules are adhered, it’s another essential aspect of being a valuable employee.

1. Always calculate the net benefit

It is not just related to increase in compensation. I always do a research on the new company before I say ‘yes’ to them. It has to be a good environment and by interviewing with your potential supervisor, you have the feel of the type of person he is. Afterall, a good boss to work with makes everything smoother and easier.

2. Always give myself another chance in the company

I always try to see myself in the next 5 years in the company. When it seems that the potential upside is limited, I would try to see if this issue can be addressed. Unfortunately, not all of these things are within my control.

3. I made a dignified exit

I would never said anything bad about my employer, manager or co-workers. Even the rudest of them was greeted with warm smile and acknowledgement. Gossiping about the boss is perhaps the most loved office hallway talk, but never assume that someone is not spying for him or her, because most likely some one is. Did you ever think why suddenly your manager turned a blind eye on you?

Your current manager might become one of your rescuers one day, when getting jobs become tough each and every past manager becomes your potential recruiter or when you need their help to commend you in your references note.

4. I continued the same rigorous manner during last few days

No matter how hard you try, it’s pretty tough to continue working with same rigor during last few days. But I did work up to my level best, whether it was during knowledge transfer or finishing up with project work. I stayed for the same hours as I did before and made sure my replacement is more than ready.

If first impression is the best impression, it’s the last impression which people remember for years.

I do take with me the learning from past jobs, the knowledge and skills you acquire are your assets and they will surely impress people at new job.

No matter how satisfied you are with your job, it doesn’t hurt to look for better options, a change of atmosphere is good for your senses, your mind, your skills and your pocket.