Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sometimes it's not too bad of a thing to keep your money in a bank

I am sure many of us have encountered a time when we see an opportunity and wanting to buy it yet have insufficient funds readily available.

As people becomes more financially educated, the first thing that they learnt is that by putting their money in a savings account in the bank, they are effectively losing its value due to inflation. For the records, inflation in Singapore are currently at 4 to 5% while more realistically core inflation are at 2%. While I do agree that putting your money in the bank erodes its value over the course of time, I think it may be a wise decision as long as you have investment plans and are waiting for the right opportunity to come. Definitely it beats putting your money in a bad investment hands down(e.g buying shares or property at a high price thinking that if you put your money in a bank you are a loser).

So if there is no investing opportunity at this moment, be patient, accumulate and let your money stay in the bank and wait for the big opportunity to come.

I remember a word of advocate from my dad which he says it all the time. In life, all you need is one golden chance and if you take it, you will strike it big.


  1. Cash is also an investment position. For my next generation (ie. my daughter), my words of advocate to them is to use money to generate more money. No more using of time. Generation of cash flow should be on a consistent basis. Cheers!!

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