Thursday, February 23, 2012

~Added Fraser CenterPoint Trust (FCT) to my Portfolio~

I have sold off 17 out of my 23 lots of YangziJiang shares a couple of days ago, given that it has run up quite a lot these couple of days. The results are due in 1 March 2012 but just feel that I needed to get out of this shares as soon as possible as the market outlook is not very stable and I had majority of my funds locked in this particular share.

I also sold off 1 lot of my CapmallTrust and made a little profit.

Having enough funds, the bear came in these past two days which allow me to obtain FraserCenterPoint Trust (FCT) today at an attractive price. At current price, FCT yields about close to 6% and being a strong REITS play, I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Updated Portfolio - 23 February 2012

CountersNo.of LotsAverage PriceTotal Value (SGD)Dividends collected to date (SGD)
CapitalMall Asia201.4328,594.00255.00
ST Engineering82.8222,590.400.00
CapMall Trust11.7051,705.000.00
Fraser Centerpoint Trust101.45014,500.000.00
Unit Trusts--4,500.000.00


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