Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting out of the "Rat Race" - Does it apply for everyone?

Getting out of the "Rat race" - can be defined as pulling out of a race where everyone competes for the one ultimate position. Truely enough, no one says that getting IN into the "Rat race" is a bad thing. In fact, most of us have been through in the rat race and rightly so it builds up our knowledge, determination, stamina and the ability to find an ultimate solution to end the race.

I came across an ex-classmate of mine a couple of days ago. I remembered him as a smart person who receives good grades in his report every single time. We went to a nearby coffee shop (not Starbucks cause simply of the obvious price tag) and chat a lot to catch up the missing times. In the midst of our conversation, I asked him what is he currently doing and whether he ever thought of getting out of the rat race one day. To my surprise, he told me that he never planned ever and don't plan to get out of the rat race. On the fair side, he did enjoy his work as an accountant even though his salary is comparable to mine (in the mid class range). But surely I thought to myself, even if someone loves his job dearly, surely planning to get out of the rat race will cross his mind? No he said.

This comes to me wondering. We know there are a lot of people in this world who probably wish they could get out of the rat race. But have we ever wonder those people who actually "enjoy" the race? What is in their mind and what is their ultimate goals then? To climb up the corporate ladder and if successful then what? and if failure then what?


  1. Hello B,

    Your last paragraph is similar to a wise person in who asked a provocative question about achieving financial freedom: "Then what?"

    Is getting out of the rat race a goal or a means to and end?

    Maybe your friend has found his "then what?" Lucky him!

    A fish would never understand why some animals will want to leave the water and live on land?

    1. Hello SMoL

      I like your last sentence and it makes the most sense. I would never understand what he wants and he would never understand what my wants. We are only the same human being with the different intentions to live in this world :)


  2. One day most rats will realize that they need to get out of rat race; but only how to?

    Only a few rat will work to death and then realize it too late.

    1. Hi CW

      Great to hear from you :)

      I agree that most "rats" want to live a financial freedom lifestyle but sometimes the thing that gets me annoyed is they don't do any sort of actions to justify what they really want.