Thursday, January 26, 2012

Extra Income - How important is it??

In the past, having diverse sources of incomes gives people a backup to fall upon. However, in recent times, people are beginning to realize the importance of extra income as a means to realize your dream and goals earlier. Is it really important? Will it help you to achieve your financial goals earlier?

Recently, I have been earning extra income from attending surveys and interviews. While this may be seen as a one-off event, the payout at times are not bad at all. In the past 4 months, I have attended 3 interview surveys with different companies advertising different products. The questions they asked were fascinating at times and the process throughout the whole survey was full of interaction.. And of course the reward was not bad at all!!! :)

As T. Harv Eker said previously in his seminar: "NEVER REJECT MONEY!!!". It taught us the importance of every single cent earned and saved and converting it to residual passive income. Respect money and it will respect you back.

P.s: On my way to meet the survey interviewer today, I saw a coin on the floor and to my surprise, the kid who walked beside me kicked the coin away and it fell into the drain. I suppose that tells you how kids behave and respect money these days.


  1. Hi there.. I used to do survey before. However now no Lobang already.. Interested to do more survey.. if happen that you have lobang for any.. can ask me along? ;>

  2. Earning extra income is possible if one has time and energy, I worked part time as a property agent for extra income and it is tough work. Working mulitple jobs also will result in lack of focus as well for some other aspect of your life, so there is a need to balance them.
    Anyway , I had also attended many of these surveys too and it is indeed easy money lol.

  3. Xuan: hahaa... I think you can subscribe to their email and they have a lot of surveys every week looking for potential people who fits in their profile.

    Guru: I have thought of working as a property agent as part time as well but looks like there are limited time downside in our life.

  4. Hi B, then what website to go to? Hopefully you dont mind to share with me privately? :> my email is Thanks Friend

  5. Hi Xuan

    I have sent you an email to register with the person in charge :)

  6. Extra income is always good.

    But extra PASSIVE income is even better. Shake leg and relax, money flows into pocket oredi. E.g. dividends from stocks, rental from property.......

  7. Hi B,
    I am also interested in participating in surveys. Kindly let me know how to register.

  8. Hi B,

    If you dun mind, I would also like to participate in the surveys. Can you share with me how to register for it too? Thanks.

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  10. HI B,
    I just found out about your blog a couple of days ago and I got to say I am intrigued by your articles. Made me think about my life and if it is too late for me to start investing at the age of 29 while I build up my warchest. ST Engineering seems like a good company to buy into but the price seems a little too high for me but I may be wrong.
    Any way, do you still have the website/email for doing surveys? Can you email me at


    1. Hi Ignatius

      Appreciate your comments on the site.

      I don't think it's ever too late to start investing. I see that you are currently at the age of 29 so that makes you same age as me. That's considered by far a young age to start investing and we've certainly have a long way ahead of us.

      ST Eng is a good company and you might want to check on their valuations before entering in. If you are comfortable at it, then by all means go ahead and purchase them. Remember that you are buying this for the long haul.

      I will email the surveyer regarding your interest in the survey.

      Hope to see more from you.


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