Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Signs you may be trapped in a dead-end job

First of all, I would like to tribute this article to Kevin, a blogger from Canada whom I admired very much. In this blog entry however, I would like to make it my own, the Singaporean style.

Here are five signs you may be caught in a dead-end job:

1.) You take full advantage of the "8" hours you are working.

You come 30 mins late to work - "Ughh, its just 30 minutes, everyone does it"
You then went for an early lunch - "Ughh, we have to be early!! otherwise, the seats would be taken up"
You then came back late after lunch - "Ughh, the lunch is making me so sleepy and I don't have mood to work"
You then went home on the dot - "Ughh, we are not paid to do OT. Let's go home early to catch the bus/mrt"

2.) You count the hours, minutes and sometimes even seconds while working

At every moment, you would start to look at the time shown in your desktop/laptop. You become disinterested with the work/project you are working on and you are waiting for the magical 11.30 (early lunch) and 5.30 (knock off time).

3.) You spend time looking at other sites such as Facebook, Lim&Tan, SGX or yahoonews

You would "Refresh" your page to look at your latest news feed on your friends. At other times when time permits, you would upload your latest photos which you have stored in your camera for a few months.

You would also at times look at the latest stock market, especially when volatility is high and monitor those numbers during your working hours. You would then discuss news with your friends who sat nearby.

4.) Your manager gives you bad appraisal when you think you have done better.

You feel unappreciated for the work that you have done. Your manager did not give you credit for the things you have done for him/her and give you a bad appraisal.

"On-target" appraisal = "I don't want you to go but if you do go I don't give a shit anyway"

5.) You have the responsibilites of a senior but receives a junior pay

You feel that you are worth more than your current salary. You compare your salary with your other friends working in other sectors. You then compare your bonuses and annual increment...and this automatically becomes a common topic to talk about annually.

Take your time and evaluate yourself. If you really feel that your worth is unjustified, make the effort to look for one that rewards you. If you on the other hand who are lazy, then motivate yourself to make yourself worth the salary that people are paying you.


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