Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 A New Year = A New Resolution

As we come into the first week of the new 2012 year, we usually goes in fast pace at least until March (for some reason the days from Jan to March seems to go past very quickly). As I begin my journey into the 3Fs, I hope to create the same motivation and discpline as the other shifus who I have much admired.

For a new 2012 resolution, I hope to be able to complete the following by end of December 2012:

1.) To continue saving 85-90% of my working income as I approaches the S$5,000 level mark increment.

GOAL: To save and venture into opportunities in equity and property investment.

2.) To maintain a discipline approach to equity investing and look for dividend income stream. At this moment, I will be focusing merely on the Singapore stocks for now as I predict there will be heavy currency wars in 2012 which involves the EURO and USD clashing, hence skipping the HK, US and UK market for the time being.

GOAL: Look for steady income stream

3.) Keeping a healthy diet and balanced workout to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

GOAL: By exercising more regularly during the days and weekends and to eat more fruits and vegetables

4.) To spend and enjoy more time with my family and girlfriend
GOAL: To be a better and more caring son and boyfriend.

5.) A successful start of the "Back to the School" path for my Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at the Singapore Management University (SMU)

GOAL: I've been dreading going back to school for quite a while now. But i do hope to make a mark and gain some surprise from this journey.


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